Week 2 TK Preschool 2016 – B is for Babies and Butterflies!


And here we are at Week 2, featuring the letter B, the color Blue, the shape Circle and the numbers 4 and 5. And we started some of our reading lessons this week and our success with that has really got me excited! I love emergent readers. It is so thrilling to watch those lights flash in their eyes as they start to unravel the mysteries of words, sentences and stories.


Circle Time

We are doing a lot of counting, and even a little adding and subtracting during circle time. In this case, as RH wrote the equations on the white board, the kids ran back and forth giving and taking away carrots from each other and matching the numerals to the amounts of carrots remaining.

Counting with Beads…

I like the idea of adding a little numeric “imagery” to the numbers. To my visual self it creates a way of adding the numbers without resorting to fingers. We will probably be doing numbers like these frequently, with items glues onto each number in a specific pattern that hopefully the kids will internalize mentally. It will help some kids, and not others. At the very least it is yet another opportunity to count. Either way, it’s fun!


Butterfly drip…

So much fun. So good for fine motor skills…


Butterfly shape collage…

Circles on Blue, Geometric vs. Organic shapes layered…

Today we talked about shapes, and colors and then we played with a unique technique of spray colors and layers of shapes. We also talked about organic vs. geometric shapes. WAY fun! By the way, if you notice that some kids get more photos than other, please don’t despair. It is just the way it is and oftentimes simply means we were so into doing the project with your child that we forgot to take photos. We enjoy these projects, too!

Texture! Blue Texture! Fun!

During this lesson we talked about texture…specifically rough and smooth. Great fun mixing play sand with paint and glue and piling it on a circle (paper plate). Then we embellished our masterpieces with blue rice and blue eggshells. So. Much. Fun!

Assorted pix…

Berry good week….

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