Week 1 TK Preschool 2016 – A is for Apple!

Welcome to Week 1 of TK preschool, 2016/2017 school year, featuring the letter A, the color Red, the Square shape, and the numbers 0,1 and 2!

We just enjoyed our first official week of TK preschool, year 2016/2017. We are all adjusting to new schedules, and developing new routines. For the last several years Ashleigh was in the head TK teacher’s chair, while I hovered around constantly giving her ideas and goals. Blythe was her very faithful sidekick. Well, Ashleigh up and moved to Florida! Now I am once again teaching TK Preschool!  I feel very blessed that I inherited Blythe as my new faithful sidekick. We both miss Ashleigh with all of our hearts, but after the incredible busy flurry that was our summer program, I feel like Blythe and I have bonded as a great team. Blythe is the best. I love working with her. I laugh out loud when I come up with an idea and share it with her, and she already has the materials ready because she thought of the same idea!

As I mentioned this last summer was a fun flurry of activities and projects. Almost too many. Well, not really, but almost. My goal of this TK Preschool year is to slow down a tad, and give our “Youngers” plenty of repetition, routines, and time to explore the concepts I want to teach them. We will have some general “themes” of each week, but since we have such a wide variety of ages and abilities in this year’s group, I really want to focus on developing each child’s individual skill levels. I’ve got some kids that are “almost” readers, and I hope to be nudging them into being READERS this year! And then I have some younger/newer kids that I want to really work on the basics. Alphabet recognition, Zoophonics, counting and number recognition, colors, shapes and the like. As always we will do art projects and free-art every week and a bit of science, too, I daresay.

We are welcoming two great new kids into TK! They both seem to be adjusting happily as we get to know each other.

CW, age 2 years
KH age 2 months

Beautiful kids! So happy to bring them into our TK family!

Our first week was fun, and the kids seem to be enjoying our new routines.

Circle Time

Singing Time! “If you’re HAPPY and you know it, CLAP YOUR HANDS!”

Circle Time is a big deal. Each day we have a circle time (Starts at 9:00! Don’t be late!) and that includes singing songs, reading stories, our daily calendar, and games and exercises that review all of “the basics” that are displayed on the bulletin board. As the year progresses we will add more and more to our bulletin board…GREAT FUN!


We read the story of Johnny Appleseed…

And the story of the Apple Star:

The Apple Star Story

A young apple tree sapling would gaze into the sky each night and admire the stars in the sky. Oh, how she wanted a bright shiny star of her very own!

One night, the wood fairy came to the tree, and granted it one wish. Of course, the tree told the fairy she wanted a bright shiny star of her very own…just one…to hold and admire and to love! The fairy told the tree, that if she was a good tree…and grew to be big and strong and full of red ripe apples, that she would grant her this wish.

So the apple tree grew and grew and grew…and became the biggest apple tree around, with the reddest, ripest, yummiest apples. And the tree waited and waited for the fairy to come back, so she could show her what she had done.

It was a long time before the fairy returned ,and the tree had given up hope that she would get her star…When one day …..the fairy arrived!!!! The tree shook with joy, and told the fairy that she had done just what the fairy asked of her….. and wondered why it was that she didn’t grant her the wish to have her own, bright shiny star….

And the fairy said, peek inside your apples, my Dear….each one has a secret star….And now you have as many stars as the sky does!

Moral: Do the right thing, be patient, and you will be rewarded!
(sometimes the reward is something that happens inside you!)

Apple Printing..

Then we used those apples for some apple printing. The stars didn’t show up as well as we would have liked, but we still had fun!

The Making of an Apple…

Paper Plates are so versatile!

Apple Central Workstation!

We created an apple workstation with fake (but very realistic!) apples. We sorted them by size, color and weight and we practiced our writing skills as well!


Alli Alligator from zoophonics

Talking about the letter A, Alli Alligator, and the sound he makes (the short sound of “A”)


Egg Math…

This has nothing to do with the letter A, or Apples, but it is something we do with the older kids regularly. Egg math. More on this later….

And last but certainly not least,

Free Art Friday!

Featuring red squares…

A couple random photos that I loved from this week

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