T is for Trains, Tigers and Turtles…and of course…TK!

The T days were Terrific, for sure! One of my favorite letters…lol

Tape resist painting…

Tiger with wax, water (crayons and watercolor pencils) and Tissue paper.

Train Tracks, Turtles and Teddy bears…

It’s Turtles all the way down…

Meet Donatella, Blythe’s pet Turtle, who came to visit for T day! In her honor the kids all made their own little Turtle while Donatella watched…

A little history on Donatella… Kari and I were walking in the park and Kari looked down on the sidewalk just in time to see a little tiny dried up thing that resembled a turtle. Her shell was barely an inch in diameter. Kari and I set out to revive her, because she was surely on her way to a dried up death. We found an old plastic cup in the trash and we ran and got some weeds and water in it and dunked her dried self in there. We weren’t even sure she was alive, but boy, that water surely revived her! Kari and I cheered when we saw her start to move and swim! She had been about 15 feet from the lake, right in the middle of the sidewalk! I have no idea how she even got there, or how she was even still alive…but she was. We brought her home and put her in a little glass bowl and Kari took her home for a night and then decided (after googling the care of a red-eared slider turtle), that she wasn’t really up to making that kind of commitment, and I felt the same way. However, I knew that Blythie LOVED Turtles! So we asked Blythie is she wanted the little turtle. I told her that before she made the decision she needed to look up the proper care and feeding.

Well, Ashleigh and Blythe did a little research, and they decided Blythe really wanted the little coin sized reptile, so they went shopping at the local pet shop and Ash helped Blythe purchase all  the needed equipment.

This is what Donatella looked like the day we found her. We put some toy turtles in the temporary bowl to keep her company.



And this is what she looked like on T day, when she came back to TK to visit her little plastic friends…


Thriving Turtle!


Terrific T day! And isn’t that Turtle Tremendous?


3 thoughts on “T is for Trains, Tigers and Turtles…and of course…TK!

  1. Michelle September 9, 2016 at 8:08 am

    Omg i love the turtle…and looks like Gage does too🤗

  2. Kari September 9, 2016 at 9:21 am

    I absolutely loved those cute little turtles that the kids made. T brought his home and gave it to me. Said he’d made it for me “wink wink”. It sat on our kitchen shelf for quite awhile (unit our move and unfortunately I’m not sure where it went 🙁 ). But it put a smile on my face for quite awhile. I am ecstatic about Donatella. I have to say I have a bit of pride that we helped a little life. And to think I almost stepped on it thinking it was a rock. Glad I listened to that little voice in my head telling me not to put my foot down right then. Blythe has done so well with her. Makes me very happy!!! Thanks Blythe for adopting her.

  3. Terri@TKTimes September 9, 2016 at 9:54 am

    I am happy, too! Glad Blythie got a pet that she adores…

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